What You Can Do On A Short Stay In Beijing

If you can have only a short stay in Beijing, then a Beijing half day tour would be an excellent choice for you. And if you got a favorite spot in mind, that’s even better. Then you can book a Beijing half day tour to visit that spot. And if you don’t have one, then let me take the liberty to introduce to you an imperial garden – Summer Palace. And this tour to Summer Palace will only cost you US$ 20, and this is only possible with our recommended certified travel agency here, the Jelajah China team.

Their guide will pick you up at the appointed spot and take you straight to the Summer Palace. As the best reserved imperial garden in China, Summer Palace has long played a key role in studying Chinese horticulture. Located at Haidian District, within easy access, Summer Palace will take you less time and offers you more than you can imagine during this tour. Covering an area of 29 hectares, it has long been the largest imperial garden in China. Centering on Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill, Summer Palace is well known for its perfect combination of different architectural styles. During your tour, you may easily find that all these styles have turned Summer Palace into an attractive and unique tourist spot.

On this half day tour, not only will you see a large group of ancient structures but also enjoy a quiet and intoxicating journey in Summer Palace. You may take a walk around this place and enjoy its splendid landscapes and views. Meanwhile you can find a pavilion and take a good rest there. Touring around this garden is no less than walking in to a wonderland. This half day tour to Summer Palace will get you away from those city noises and relax your mind for a while. This tour will be not only a sightseeing tour but also a spiritual journey. And I bet that after melancong ke beijing, you definitely would want to come and visit this famous garden again.

Nowadays, half day tour has become more and more popular among the tourists from all over the world. Over the years, Summer Palace has played an incomparable role in spreading Chinese cultures and in promoting the half day tour. In the near future, it will be getting more and more attractive and bring much more surprises to the world. Wait no more and come enjoy an incredible Summer Palace tour.

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